So what is Speed Roomies?

Speed Roomies is the easier, more efficient, and safer way of meeting potential roommates. With websites such as Facebook and Craiglist, you can get an idea of what the room is like, however you can’t really get an idea of the people you are going to share the house/apartment with. As such, at Speed Roomies we simplify the process into a weekly virtually event in a number of cities. At one of our events you will be paired with dozens of people who are looking for rooms, and dozens of people that have rooms free in their house/apartment. Think of us as the matchmakers of roommates.


How it works?

1.Check out the events in a city near you.
We will be adding new cities over the next few months. If your city is not included, please click here to keep up to dates with our email updates.
2. Reserve your spot at one of the events. We usually allocate an even amount of tickets for people looking for a room, compared to people that have a room to rent. Doing so ensures there isn’t uneven amount from one group.
3. Upon logging on to your event you will be able to indicate if you are a Room Seeker (you are looking for a room) or a Room Haver (you have an available room).
For a Room Seeker: Please be ready to tell the Room Havers your budget, the area(s) you are interested in and any preferences when it comes to a room or roommates. By preferences we mean anything that you would want from your future roommates.
For a Room Haver:  Let Room Seekers know of the cost of rent, the area the room is in and any preferences you are looking for in a potential roommate. We also recommend you be on your laptop/pc in the room up for rent, so you can show them on webcam.

Preferences include:

Pet Friendly 420 Friendly LGBT Parties Smoker
4. If you are a Room Seeker and are up for Grouping up with other people looking for a room, we host virtual events for that. Doing so you can meet other people who are looking to group, up so you can look for a place together.
5. Our platform pairs everyones webcams that are in the event. You will have a 3-4 minute video interaction with a perspective roommate. Once the video interaction is over you will get the option to 'Connect' or 'Pass' with that person. If you both want to connect it becomes a match on the Connections tab.

Why should I attend?


Meet new people

With dozens of people attending each event you will meet new people. The event goes down well for people who have just moved to a city.

Efficient and easier

Meeting so many potential roommates in one-night cuts out the hours of countless viewings you would experience from replying to ads online.


Getting the chance to meet potential roommates in a safe environment lowers the risk of Covid 19.


Our events are a great way to enjoy yourselves and take your mind off what is happening with the world around us.