Q. Wait isn’t this speed dating?

Haha no its not. The only thing SpeedRoomies has in common with speedating is that you meet a large amount of people in a short space of time. We run these events so people can find roommates and a place to live, not to date. In addition, we don’t operate it in a format where you have to sit across from someone at a table with an assigned number and have to move onto the next person every 5 minutes. It’s a social event where you can meet potential roommates on your own watch. You can talk to as little or as many people as you want. (We do recommend the latter though)

Q. Who attends these events?

We literally have people from all walks of life come to these events. From locals who have lived the areas since birth, to university students, to international people on working visas. There is no exclusions for anyone based on who you are or where you are from. Everyone is in the same boat: To find people to live with.

Q. Do I have to agree on a room there and then?

No, the event is only intended to help with the filtering process. At these events you are given the opportunity to rule out roommates/rooms because of incompatibilities, rather than waste whole evenings doing so the traditional way. At the end of the event you will probably have narrowed it down to a couple of roommates.

Q. Can we swap details on the night?

Yes of course. This is the reason why we run these events. We strongly encourage you to swap your Facebook, cell number, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, business card, carrier pigeon etc. with each other. After the event you will be able to contact them and go off and commit to something.

Q. How many roommates/rooms will I be able to see?

We usually have a large number of people attend these events, so you are bound to meet a lot of people throughout the night. Even though not everyone will have something you are looking for, there will be a good amount of potential roommates and rooms that fit your criteria. We do encourage you to talk to as many people as you can. Even though there may be 1 or 2 preferences different to what another person has to offer, we have found that it is still a good idea to talk to them as compromises can be made if you guys get on.

Q. The event is mixed but I only want to live with a male/female?

You have the power to talk and not talk to whoever you want. Plenty of seekers and landlords turn up with a gender preference as part of their criteria. It's worth keeping an open mind though: we've had a lot of feedback from previous attendees who found their perfect flatmates in a form they weren't expecting. e.g: "Initially I had advertised only for male flatmates, however after this evening I realised I was wrong to rule people out and have found two housemates, one of whom is female"