Get the inside scoop, to ensure you get the most out of your event....

Room Seekers - I need a room

  • Get a rough idea of the areas you would consider living in.  So getting an idea of the different neighbourhoods, and which ones you would consider living in can help your fellow Speed Roomies out
  • Ensure you log in early. We will stop permitting people into the event after the event start time, so please be here early in case we need to trouble shoot.
  • Know your area - try to work out in advance which areas you are thinking of living in - it'll help you get more out of the event. But...
  • Be open minded. Even though the Room Haver you are talking to might have something a tiny bit different to what you are looking for, they could be open to compromises. Be it rent, the area the room is in or being allowed to live with a pet. Talk it out. Its worth asking if you like the roommate
  • Relax. You maybe a little nervous video chatting to people, but everyone is in the same boat. We have many people come to the events on their own, so don’t worry you are the only one. 
  • Group-Up. Ask Speed Roomies about our Group Up events for your city. 


    This is a great way of meeting other people who are also looking for a room but are also open to the idea of grouping up and getting a number of rooms to rent somewhere together. This can be a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to the city or an international on a working visa
    • Ask Speed Roomies about the Group Up event for your city.
    • Your fellow Group-Up attendees may have different rent budgets, but don’t automatically rule them out for a Group-Up, as you can rent houses with varying room sizes to match each other’s budget

    Tips for Room Havers - I have a room

    • Be in the room whilst on the event of the room in question. 
    • If there is a few of you that live in the house and are looking for a new roommate get them behind the webcam too.  That way you can meet more people and make a group decision of who you could see being a new roommate
    • Know how much the rent it, and the local amenities around it. The more information you can give to potential roommates the more informed of a decision they can make