Speed Roomies Tel-Aviv - Wednesday January 20th, 2020 at 7:30pm

Speed Roomies Tel-Aviv - Wednesday January 20th, 2020 at 7:30pm

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Speed Roomies is FREE! 

**In light of what is going on Speed Roomies wants to ensure that the people of Israel still have a medium to find accommodation safely over the coming weeks. The social distancing measures taken hasn’t stopped people’s leases from expiring, nor has it stopped there being a need for people to find housing. As such, we are pivoting the Speed Roomies experience to bring our roommate meeting events ONLINE.**

Speed Roomies:

An ONLINE event where people who are looking for a room in a shared place, are able to meet other people that have a room free in their respective home on our own unique web platform.



Wednesday January 20th, 2020 at 7:30pm IT


How does it work:


Room Seeker: Those that are looking for a room.

Room Haver: Those that have a room free in their home.


Each online event will allow Room Seekers to meet numerous Room Havers in one evening.

The rough format is as follows:

• After registration you will receive the link to the online event.

• Please register a profile on the platform before the event at


• Once you have created a profile you will be able to enter your event. Please enter the code: 


• You will get a few minutes with each person, during which you can discuss budget, area and what you look for in a room.

• After each roommate you will get the chance to decide if you would like to communicate further after each event.

• This will continue until you have video chatted to all the people that are looking for a room, or if you are looking, all the people that have a room free.

• After the event you can talk to your matches, and arrange a viewing when safe to do so.

There is no cap on the amount of people we can host at each event. In addition, depending on the amount of people that are interested in the Speed Roomies events, we can host segmented events based on budget and specific areas within Tel-Aviv. 

Why you should join the event:

-Each event saves on average of $100 per person through not having to pay for transport costs, missed work and advertisement during their room search.

-Cut out the hustle of having to reply to dozens of ads in the hope of getting a viewing.

-Being able to keep yourself and each other safe, by cutting down on viewings, whilst we navigate these unchartered waters with COVID-19.

-Get the chance to meet plenty of people that have rooms, or are looking for a room, all from the comfort of your own home.

-The vast majority of people at our events meet people they could see themselves living with.

How to prepare:

Room Seeker:

-Don't be so strict on the areas you want to live. You may meet some great roommates that live away from the area you are wanting, and through compromising, you can potentially live with people you actually want to live with.

- Don’t be worried about being shy. Everyone is in the same boat. They are here to meet people, just like you.

Room Haver:

-Be in the room up for rent whilst on the event, as you can show the room via video chat during the event.

More information:

We will be sending out to attendees a full instruction guide on how to join the event and what to expect. Please stay tuned for it. In the mean time please register.

Check our website speedroomies.com for a full list of our events, and to get more information on what goes on during a roommate meeting event.

We look forward to seeing you there and getting you to meet some really cool roommates.

Speed Roomies